Journal Entry – Monday, 4 September 2017

I was supposed to meet Mistress later this week, in part to give her the gifts that I got for her. Unfortunately due to work commitments I had to cancel. I am glad that Mistress is so understanding. Sometimes work just takes so much out of me and it is difficult to give my all to Mistress. It should never turn out this way. Mistress demands a hundred percent and that is what I should be giving her.


Journal Entry – Sunday, 3 September 2017

Why must a dominant submissive relationship be kept a secret? Is it only because it is contrary to societal norms? Certainly in most countries, such relationships in themselves are not contrary to the law. It would be interesting if one day in future, we would evolve into a matrichrical society, where it would be acceptable for a dominant female to have a male in tow to do her bidding. It would be a lot more fulfilling if Mistress Stacy could make me do things like worship her heels in public. From my perspective, I would also be so proud to be seen to belong to her and to service her. Such freedom of expression would surely help strength the bond between Mistress and slave.

Journal Entry – Saturday, 2 September 2017

As one of Mistress Stacy’s slaves, I feel that I need to always ask myself the question “What would Mistress wish for me to do?” before making any decisions. In this way, I can immerse myself deeper into the lifestyle as her slave and live my life in the correct spirit of how she would want me to live my life. As a slave, I always profess my devotion to Mistress but it is more important that I show it in my actions and how I choose to conduct myself daily. I mentioned in previous posts that after giving myself to Mistress Stacy I found I am much more submissive in the presence of other ladies as well but while this is integral to my submissive nature, and some would say integral to the concept of matriarchy, I know that I have to place Mistress Stacy and her wishes ahead of anyone else because she owns me and I live for her.

Journal Entry – Friday, 1 September 2017

It is the start to another month. What do I look forward to this month? Most certainly, I am looking forward to more opportunities to serve Mistress Stacy in person. What do I hope will happen this month is that Mistress will finally grant me the session with her. This is all not for me to decide of course. I can only beg and hope she will indulge me.

Journal Entry – Thursday, 31 August 2017

Over the weeks I was away, I owed Mistress tribute which I duly sent to her today. I felt a strong sense of pride and fulfilment in the process of doing so. I have definitely come some way from the early days of my surrender to Mistress when there was some reluctance to part with tribute. It is quite different now. I wish Mistress would step up with my training as we head towards the end of the year. I want to be a better slave. I will never be good enough but I will always serve Mistress Stacy to the best of my ability.

Journal Entry – Wednesday, 30 August 2017

I am back. Refreshed and ever so eager to serve Mistress Stacy. Mistress is literally a drug. I know she can destroy me completely and yet I so willingly give myself up to her. In my head there is this message that keeps telling me that I need Mistress and that I am nothing without her. I know I need her. Not hearing from her for so many days breaks me. It makes me question my self worth.

Journal Entry – Saturday, 26 August 2017

The goal of a submissive is to yield completely to his Mistress. The traditional way of course is by punishment and torture, which is also used in other fields for example to elicit information from a person. The torturer inflicts disproportionate amount of physical and psychological pain to break the person such that the person will be so naturally fearful of the torturer that he would be cooperative or obedient. As widely reported, the person usually suffers from severe psychological trauma and may never recover from it. In the BDSM space, there are Mistresses who use such extreme methods to break a male. There are many videos online documenting such techniques.

However, it is also possible to take the soft touch to break a male submissive. The Mistress uses either psychological manipulation or uses his desires, weaknesses and fetishes to take control of him and eventually breaks him. Arguably this soft approach is equally effective. Mistress can offer the slave the ownership of an intimate item of clothing, as seen on Mistress Stacy’s Instagram page where a male was bidding for her bra. Once in his possession, the item becomes the focus of his attention and adoration when Mistress is not present. The slave is therefore constantly reminded of Mistress and what she wants of him.

Yet another method of achieving complete submission is by controlling the orgasms like what Mistress Stacy is doing to myself and all her slaves. I have written before that the longer the slave is denied, the more pliable he becomes.

A related but more extreme form of this is possibly by severe teasing and denial. Arguably by overloading the male senses and sexual desires, the male’s spirit can be broken. Mistress Stacy has already indicated a willingness to use me as a guinea pig. To begin with, she want to see if it is possible to make me cum without touching my cock at all. If this is successful, then repeatedly subjecting me to such treatment is likely to break me completely. Such methods might have other adverse side effects such as destroying the slaves libido but when it comes to that stage, he may already be mindlessly obedient.