Journal Entry – Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Mistress suggested once that I should be made to wear a cock cage to keep me from masturbation or any sexual activity without her permission. I was very concerned that the buldge in my pants would be very noticable. I was just thinking that the problem is the same now where I go “commando” as part of my punishment. I guess the difference is that it will be a lot easier to explain myself. On a separate note, Mistress sent me the most amazing photograph of her beautiful feet first thing this morning. When I saw the photograph, I was still half asleep and thought that I was in a dream. 


Journal Entry – Saturday, 5 August 2017

Mistress approved the punishment I suggested for myself in the end. I am to go without underwear for a whole week. This is my punishment for looking at her without her permission in the car on Friday. Going without underwear would not only be uncomfortable, it might also mean I might have an awkward buldge at the wrong time. It could be very embarrassing when I am in the presence of ladies, especially in the office. Mistress would also like me to get a remote controlled cock ring so that she can play with me even when I am not with her. I have seen a few being sold online. I just wonder if the ring makes a distinct noise when it vibrates. That would be quite embarrassing if it was to go off when I am in a meeting.