Journal Entry – Tuesday, 22 August 2017

I have just been able to get myself back on the World Wide Web. It feels good to be connected once again. I miss the online presence of Mistress Stacy dearly, made worse by the fact that I am physically further removed from her. As they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder, and in this case, it also reinforces the devotion to my Mistress.

As a follow to my previous posting, I have actually decided on the gift for Mistress. I shall not reveal what it is here but I hope she will like it. I will however still keep a look out for anything else special that I can get for her. Like my devotion to her, giving to Mistress does not and should not stop.

One of the things Mistress wanted me to do was to write a story for her. I can only guess what Mistress plans to do with the story. I assume she will eventually publish it as fan fiction if she deems it appropriate. I have come up with the frame work but will still need to work on the storyboard before I start writing it. I hope to do it justice.

Journal Entry – Monday, 7 August 2017

I read an interesting review of an encounter with Mistress, I assume written by another submissive of Mistress. I am not sure how to react. On one hand, the reviewer appears to have enjoyed the session while on the other hand, the reviewer used fairly harsh language to describe Mistress Stacy. I do not know how else to say this, and this is no way an attack on the reviewer because he or she should be allowed to have a view of his or her own, but I accept Mistress as she is. I seek to be unquestioning in my devotion to her. 

Journal Entry – Saturday, 29 July 2017

The connection with Mistress is strengthening. I can feel it. I hope that the bond continues to develop so that one day, Mistress will truely be all that matters to me. I really want to reach that state. The pragmatist in me says we shall see. Despite the challenges that I have had to face and the punishments that Mistress has put me through so far, I am still very much devoted to her. I am always longing for Mistress to be part of my every day life. Whatever I do, I would imagine what if she was there to be part of it. Today was no different. While I had a packed day, Mistress was always on my mind and in my heart. 

Journal Entry – Monday, 3 July 2017

I would like to share what a powerful act of submission it was for me to handwrite my slave contract and pounder the meaning of every word while penning it. I wrote the contract out last week but only signed off on it tonight. Instead of affixing a seal, Mistress instructed me to cum on the area where the seal or signature was supposed to be. It was a very humbling experience. I cannot say I was ready mentally to do what I did but definitely I was ready to commit myself to Mistress Stacy. I hope Mistress will grant me a slave collaring ceremony. She did hint on more than one occassion that she would consider granting me a session. I can only wait and hope.

Journal Entry – Friday, 16 June 2017

Thought I died and gone to heaven. Never thought I would use that phrase before today. I thought Mistress only said all those things she said to tease me but she made them happen. At the end of the assignments today, she allowed me to cum while she sat on my lap and forced my face into her breasts. It all happened in a blur and I am still shell-shocked. What transpired was more significant in signaling that the Mistress and submissive relationship has blossomed to a new and higher phase. I am always mindful that whatever Mistress has given me can also be taking away at a click of her fingers.

Rewinding to the rest of today, Mistress played a new game with me called “Spin the Wheel”. Inspired by the Wheel of Fortune game show on television, my fate would be decided with each spin. Woe to me that I got “no cumming for one month” on my first two spins. Unlike prison sentences, Mistress made it clear that this does not run concurrently.

I mentioned in a previous post that Mistress wanted me as her driver today. During the time I dropped Mistress off for dinner and picking her up again after, my task was to buy her panties. Mistress was specific in her instructions as to where to buy and what kind of panties she likes. I also had to choose an additional gift for her. I am glad that Mistress liked my choices. She even suggested that when she is in a good mood, she might send me a photograph of herself in one of the panties I bought at her request.

Journal Entry – Thursday, 15 June 2017

Mistress has confirmed that I can be her driver tomorrow. She gave me a chance to play the guessing game today and the reward would be the chance to bid for the pair of bra that she wore today. The bidding drove the price up very quickly. All three slaves who bidded wanted to own the bra very badly. Surprisingly, Mistress awarded the bra to me. It was unexpected because the other slaves could easily have outlasted me in the auction. I am convinced Mistress showed me favour. I am extremely touched and this has fuelled my devotion to her. When I got home this evening, I was so excited to find that Mistress had sent me a short teaser clip of her in the pair of bra that she awarded me.