Journal Entry – Saturday, 12 August 2017

I will be out of the country for some time over the next two weeks. That would mean I am not able to serve Mistress in the usual ways but perhaps she already has other plans for me as she alluded to the last time we met. Mistress wanted me to wear a cock cage for my entire trip but it would be quite awkward when the metal detectors go off at the airport. Perhaps she might make me do other humiliating things since I am travelling alone, or perhaps she might loan me to another Mistress in the destination country. I can only speculate.


Journal Entry – Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Mistress made me hump the toilet seat today. This is unlike the last time where I only had to put my cock under the toilet seat. I actually had to thrust my hips back and forth. It was awkward to say the least. It was never going to be easy without an erection from the start and it got painful to the end. On hindsight, some form of lubricant would probably have helped. This adds to the list of the things I would do at Mistress’ command. It was humiliating and very animalistic. it reminded me of my dog humping furniture at home. He would do almost everything. Am I only as good as an animal now?

Journal Entry – Friday, 23 June 2017

Mistress made me beg her today. She wanted me to beg her for a photograph of her in the pair of red panties she wore yesterday. The same pair that was the subject of the guessing game yesterday. Begging over email is not the same as doing it in person. It is a lot more difficult to express the eagerness and sincerity over email. It was however still very demeaning to be begging for a photograph of a pair of panties. Mistress enjoys seeing her slaves beg her while I get turned on by the humiliation. Slowly but surely, Mistress Stacy will strip me of my self respect.

Journal Entry – Friday, 16 June 2017

Thought I died and gone to heaven. Never thought I would use that phrase before today. I thought Mistress only said all those things she said to tease me but she made them happen. At the end of the assignments today, she allowed me to cum while she sat on my lap and forced my face into her breasts. It all happened in a blur and I am still shell-shocked. What transpired was more significant in signaling that the Mistress and submissive relationship has blossomed to a new and higher phase. I am always mindful that whatever Mistress has given me can also be taking away at a click of her fingers.

Rewinding to the rest of today, Mistress played a new game with me called “Spin the Wheel”. Inspired by the Wheel of Fortune game show on television, my fate would be decided with each spin. Woe to me that I got “no cumming for one month” on my first two spins. Unlike prison sentences, Mistress made it clear that this does not run concurrently.

I mentioned in a previous post that Mistress wanted me as her driver today. During the time I dropped Mistress off for dinner and picking her up again after, my task was to buy her panties. Mistress was specific in her instructions as to where to buy and what kind of panties she likes. I also had to choose an additional gift for her. I am glad that Mistress liked my choices. She even suggested that when she is in a good mood, she might send me a photograph of herself in one of the panties I bought at her request.

Journal Entry – Monday, 12 June 2017

Mistress has allowed me to share details of some of the tasks she set me. Today she loaded up up the humiliation factor. Mistress instructed me to edge myself as usual but this time, she wanted me to smear all the pre-cum over my face. I was to leave it on and go for my meetings. I felt a great sense of shame particularly when there were attractive female work mates at the meeting. Humiliation is a state of mind. Even where the audience was not aware of what was going on, I was deeply humiliated and might even had been blushing.