Journal Entry – Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Mistress suggested once that I should be made to wear a cock cage to keep me from masturbation or any sexual activity without her permission. I was very concerned that the buldge in my pants would be very noticable. I was just thinking that the problem is the same now where I go “commando” as part of my punishment. I guess the difference is that it will be a lot easier to explain myself. On a separate note, Mistress sent me the most amazing photograph of her beautiful feet first thing this morning. When I saw the photograph, I was still half asleep and thought that I was in a dream. 


Journal Entry – Thursday, 6 July 2017

I am under strict orders from Mistress that I should not cum and that I will not be allowed to cum until February 2018. It is a long time by anyone’s standard. To manage my urges, I have consciously been avoiding having any lustful thoughts. Mistress upped the ante today by requiring me to think about masturbation and the feeling that comes with it while I knelt in the toilet. To spice it up further, Mistress disclosed to me that she had cum six times yesterday. I am extremely envious of the male that Mistress has chosen to service her. I am so unworthy.