Journal Entry – Tuesday, 12 September 2017

I need time to recover from this mind blowing evening with Mistress Stacy. She was at her best, teasing and playing with me all the time from the minute we met. Every movement I made required her permission. She chose my dinner for me and proceeded to tease me throughout the dinner, making me very hot under the collar. Mistress even ran her leg down mine under the table at one time and ensured that dinner was only secondary on my mind. She looked me straight in the eye and asked me how far I would go to cum in her presence tonight. On our way back, Mistress took off her panty in the car and put it over my head. She then directed me to a secluded spot where she then used her black pantyhose clad legs to caress me all over. Mistress ordered me to cum for her after a while, finally allowing me release after several weeks.


Journal Entry – Monday, 11 September 2017

Mistress reminded me that I am not allowed to cum until end February next year and that it was my choice at that time to accept this ordeal rather than pay a tribute as a punishment for something that I did wrong. If I needed to cum I would have to pay a cum tax of the number of months left of my punishment multiplied by 300. This could potentially set me back financially by quite a lot. Tomorrow I will see Mistress again. I will have to prepare myself mentally. She has also given me instructions to do a few things before meeting her tomorrow.

Journal Entry – Sunday, 10 September 2017

I had some difficulty getting onto the Internet to post yesterday. I have to acknowledge my failings and try harder to keep up with it. I understand how important it is to maintain discipline and keep up with my daily posting. It is how I reflect on my devotion to Mistress and my journey into slavery daily. It is also why I choose to update this blog at night just before going to bed. 

Journal Entry – Friday, 8 September 2017

I have arranged to see Mistress next week. My heart is aflutter, but as always the excitement is tainted by a real sense of foreboding. The last few times I have been with Mistress Stacy were unforgettable. Unforgettable because Mistress made sure that it was so. She would make sure I experienced the greatest range of emotions. She would humiliate me, tease me, call me names, make me serve her, and even make me worship her in public. She is truly a Goddess. 

Journal Entry – Thursday, 7 September 2017

An extremely sensual pair of panty, with a small chain running down the middle, the cold steel links resting firmly against her vagina. I would be very interested to see a fuller photograph of the design. I wonder if it would be possible to obtain such a pair as a gift for my Mistress. Perhaps they would also have a version of this panty for males?

Journal Entry – Wednesday, 6 September 2017

It is a challenge to find a Mistress that one can connect with at a higher level. It is no secret that a lot of ladies who advertise themselves as Mistresses are not particularly into BDSM. While it is maybe true that all ladies have some dominant trait in them, like how all males have a submissive side, not all ladies possess the qualities to completely own a male. Different people will probably have a different view as to what these qualities are, and in most cases one would struggle to articulate the qualities. For me, the lady must have the desire to dominate, this x-factor which expresses itself naturally. In a way, I would say it is instinctive. Mistress Stacy has this great desire to dominate, perhaps matched by my desire to submit. I am extremely fortunate.

Journal Entry – Tuesday, 5 September 2017

There are so many ways for a dominant female to control a male, and even more ways if the male is a submissive. The most wonderful part of it that I have come to realise and appreciate is that literally, Mistress can use both the proverbial carrot and the stick on the slave both as a reward and punishment (sometimes at the same time!). The slave is equally turned on by being allowed to worship Mistress’ legs as he is by severe public humiliation or even physical torture. After a while, the distinction between the carrot and the stick is blurred and the slave sees them as one and the same, in which case Mistress would then simply just use the stick repeatly to mould the slave.