Journal Entry – Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Mistress suggested once that I should be made to wear a cock cage to keep me from masturbation or any sexual activity without her permission. I was very concerned that the buldge in my pants would be very noticable. I was just thinking that the problem is the same now where I go “commando” as part of my punishment. I guess the difference is that it will be a lot easier to explain myself. On a separate note, Mistress sent me the most amazing photograph of her beautiful feet first thing this morning. When I saw the photograph, I was still half asleep and thought that I was in a dream. 


Journal Entry – Friday, 15 July 2017

Mistress surprised me completely by sending me a photograph of her wearing a pair of panty that I bought for her. In the photograph I could also admire her manicured nails that I sponsored in part. I am so grateful to Mistress for her little gift after another hard day at work. I imagine it would be quite exciting if I could accompany Mistress on a shopping trip, driving her around, carrying her shopping, giving her feedback on her purchases and maybe even helping her try on shoes. Mistress allowed me to carry her bag on at least two occassions in the past and the feeling as I remember it was quite special. I was also proud to be seen trailing Mistress in public with her bag.