Journal Entry – Thursday, 31 August 2017

Over the weeks I was away, I owed Mistress tribute which I duly sent to her today. I felt a strong sense of pride and fulfilment in the process of doing so. I have definitely come some way from the early days of my surrender to Mistress when there was some reluctance to part with tribute. It is quite different now. I wish Mistress would step up with my training as we head towards the end of the year. I want to be a better slave. I will never be good enough but I will always serve Mistress Stacy to the best of my ability.


Journal Entry – Sunday, 6 August 2017

Today was uneventful but that meant I had a chance to take a step back and reflect further on my relationship with Mistress Stacy. I think I can proudly say that I am already enslaved by her. It may not be absolute obedience yet but we will get there. A few days ago , Mistress enquired about the extent that I would go to please and amuse her. The question in a nutshell was whether I would willingly violate my boundaries at her orders. The example scenario was whether I would swallow the cum of another male slave. I would loathe to do it. my biggest concern would be that if I forced myself to obey something like that, then it might be counterproductive to all my obedience training leading to a breakdown of our relationship. I do wonder what other slaves think about this topic?

Journal Entry – Monday, 10 July 2017

I looked at my bank statement today and realised that I have reached into my savings for tributes to Mistress in the last month. While that is painful, I remind myself that this is all part of training, part of being property of Mistress Stacy. The other thing that was made clear to me today was that there is no room for mistakes when Mistress set me tasks. For reasons I cannot fathom, my journal post yesterday was not published. I can only blame myself for not being more familar with the web based publishing tools. Mistress ordered me to wedge a slice of honey dew between the toilet seat and the toilet bowl this evening and I had to lick on the slice of honey dew for the full gour that I knelt in front of the toilet bowl. It was extremely degrading. I have never had to do something like this before. My tongue is tired and I do not think I can look at another slice of honey dew, let alone eat one, in the same way. I have to thank Mistress for coming up with such creative tasks to humiliate me.