Journal Entry – Tuesday, 22 August 2017

I have just been able to get myself back on the World Wide Web. It feels good to be connected once again. I miss the online presence of Mistress Stacy dearly, made worse by the fact that I am physically further removed from her. As they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder, and in this case, it also reinforces the devotion to my Mistress.

As a follow to my previous posting, I have actually decided on the gift for Mistress. I shall not reveal what it is here but I hope she will like it. I will however still keep a look out for anything else special that I can get for her. Like my devotion to her, giving to Mistress does not and should not stop.

One of the things Mistress wanted me to do was to write a story for her. I can only guess what Mistress plans to do with the story. I assume she will eventually publish it as fan fiction if she deems it appropriate. I have come up with the frame work but will still need to work on the storyboard before I start writing it. I hope to do it justice.

Journal Entry – Sunday, 20 August 2017

I went to the malls today and got quite excited about somethings I saw that I thought would be great as a gift for Mistress. Unfortunately I later found out that we also have a shop at home and that took off quite a bit of the gloss. It would have been a really special experience if Mistress had made this trip with me. Imagine just the two of us for nearly ten days. I would be able to devote myself to serving her completely. I would return a very different person, likely closer to achieving complete submission to Mistress Stacy.

Journal Entry – Saturday, 19 August 2017

There is perhaps nothing more difficult than deciding on a gift for someone that you genuinely want to impress. I realised this today when I started running through ideas about what to get for Mistress on my trip. It is a lot more than just the value of the gift. It has to be special. I will keep thinking of gift ideas and perhaps start walking the shops to get some inspiration.

Journal Entry – Friday, 18 August 2017

I hope to be able to reflect on how I can be a better slave over the next few days while travelling. I should have some time to myself to think about things. I feel that while my obedience training is going well, perhaps I might still be lacking in some other areas. At the same time I am aware that how I develop is not of my choosing but what Mistress Stacy has planned for me.

Journal Entry – Thursday, 17 August 2017

I will be away for some time from next week. I hope I will still get the opportunity to update this blog daily. It would also mean consciously giving up opportunities to serve Mistress during my absence. My constant concern is that many other slaves would immediately step up to win her favour. Mistress has already requested that I should bring back a souvenir for her, which I will very gladly do so. Of course it has to be tasteful and worthy enough for her.

Journal Entry – Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Having served Mistress Stacy as her slave for a few months already, one of the things that I am conscious about is how she has the ability to make me confess about my failures and wrongdoing. She has her ways. Sometimes it can be upfront and confrontational, while at other times open ended. Today for example, she simply asked if I have been a good boy and I felt so compelled by this invisible force to admit to even the smallest of failures. I do wonder if she has the same effect on other people, both females and males. 

Journal Entry – Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Other than being her slave, I am also Mistress Stacy’s paypig. As a submissive, I willingly accept my role in Mistress’ stable. In fact I would probably accept any role she chooses for me. There are of course challenges when I surrender control of my life over to Mistress. I anticipate financial challenges in the coming months as I am forced to dip into my savings more and more, but as some other FinDoms online say, I give till it hurts and continue giving. If I cannot afford it, I will just have to work harder or borrow. Anything for Mistress Stacy.