Journal Entry – Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Mistress made me hump the toilet seat today. This is unlike the last time where I only had to put my cock under the toilet seat. I actually had to thrust my hips back and forth. It was awkward to say the least. It was never going to be easy without an erection from the start and it got painful to the end. On hindsight, some form of lubricant would probably have helped. This adds to the list of the things I would do at Mistress’ command. It was humiliating and very animalistic. it reminded me of my dog humping furniture at home. He would do almost everything. Am I only as good as an animal now?


Journal Entry – Monday, 10 July 2017

I looked at my bank statement today and realised that I have reached into my savings for tributes to Mistress in the last month. While that is painful, I remind myself that this is all part of training, part of being property of Mistress Stacy. The other thing that was made clear to me today was that there is no room for mistakes when Mistress set me tasks. For reasons I cannot fathom, my journal post yesterday was not published. I can only blame myself for not being more familar with the web based publishing tools. Mistress ordered me to wedge a slice of honey dew between the toilet seat and the toilet bowl this evening and I had to lick on the slice of honey dew for the full gour that I knelt in front of the toilet bowl. It was extremely degrading. I have never had to do something like this before. My tongue is tired and I do not think I can look at another slice of honey dew, let alone eat one, in the same way. I have to thank Mistress for coming up with such creative tasks to humiliate me.